Exo is a proud participant in the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves competition, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation.

“Marco brought a professional, institutional mindset to the evaluation and selection process for our Pilot Innovation Fund grantees. His enthusiasm for innovation and experience working with technology-based enterprises added significant value to our program.”

Jen Tweddell, Director, Enterprise Development and Investment, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Native American Capital (NAC) serves a wide range of Indian Country entities – federally-recognized tribes, Indian-owned businesses and investors seeking to capitalize Native American-owned enterprises.

“As in stakeholder in NAC’s formation, Exo has proven to be a trusted, highly-regarded leader across a range of complex financial, technological and regulatory issues impacting Indian Country.”

Dr. Walter Hillabrant, Managing Director Native American Capital, LLC and Enrolled Citizen of the Potawatomi Nation

Exo principals are frequent contributors to a variety of NSF-sponsored functions including The Innovation Boot Camp.

“Not only was your role-play valuable, but your follow-up comments incredibly thoughtful and skilled. Some of us had a chance to observe your interactions with the teams, and can affirm that you all helped create an environment with just the right amount of pressure and professionalism that will serve to prepare these students in their future innovation endeavors.”

Kimberly Nelson, The Innovation Boot Camp Team